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Why manage anger?

Everyone who wishes to enjoy their life more deeply can benefit from anger management and management of all emotions. Anger is a secondary emotion often leading to aggressive expression of pent up feelings or perceptions. It usually hides underlying primary emotions such as sadness, hurt or fear.

Frequently, men and women who use aggression are not aware of these underlying emotions, believing that their behavior comes from their anger. Some people are even unaware of their anger and believe their aggressive behavior is normal and justified rather than hurtful. Their attitudes may come from a learned sense of entitlement or a belief in superiority based on their ethnicity, gender, intelligence, economic status, etc.

People who act aggressively are often confused when they get into difficulties with their families, employers or law enforcement. They may believe they are the innocent victims of unjust persecution. They may even say to themselves or others that they never get angry. Yet this is like saying, “I never get hungry” or “I never get cold”. However, it is not so much dishonesty, as it is denial.

The harm that results from anger-driven behavior can be physical, emotional, mental and medical. Numerous studies have shown anger to be the root cause of domestic and workplace violence, child abuse, bullying, loss of self-esteem, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks. This is true of the damage to the people on the receiving end of the aggression as well as the person experiencing the anger, who is either holding it in or taking it out on themselves and others.

Yet no matter how deeply people are immersed in denial of their emotions, or of the painful consequences of their actions, they can benefit from an anger management course.

What is anger management?

Rather than seeking to eliminate their emotions, people can learn, through anger management, to deal with vulnerable uncomfortable feelings in a healthy way that is acceptable to society and not destructive to themselves and others. Anger management is a nationally recognized method of self-management, self-knowledge and self-esteem building.

Comprehensive anger management courses teach people to identify their primary emotions and alter their behavior from aggressive to assertive. It is an opportunity for men and women to learn how to change their attitudes, behavior and beliefs, and renew or develop their roles as cooperative members of their community.

Why Anger Management Services of Marin?

Our program has been designed for people seeking to enrich their lives and the lives of the members of their families, workplaces and community by learning and practicing healthy assertive communication skills, meditation, coping thoughts and behaviors, emotional intelligence and various cognitive behavioral tools. These anger management techniques address aggressive behavior and its consequences via study, group support and knowledge sharing.

Anger Management Services of Marin (AMSM) utilizes methods for transforming habits of sublimating vulnerable emotions and using aggressive behavior into emotionally intelligent experience and action. The course is recognized and preferred by human resource departments, employers, school and court systems. A great many individuals, families, workplaces and communities have benefited from AMSM coursework.