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Anger Management

AMSM Certified Anger Management Facilitators (CAMF) provide a comprehensive anger management program in a course of informative study and interactive discussion. The training includes techniques for coping with anger, tools for managing stress and difficult emotions, assertiveness skills, and methods of setting and respecting boundaries. Mindfulness and relaxation tools such as guided meditation and guided imagery are taught and practiced in the class sessions, as is Emotional Intelligence and self-care.

There are only a few obligations in the AMSM course. One, is to arrive at 6:00 pm ready to participate and learn tools for managing anger. Another is to follow the class guidelines for behavior, which include respecting the privacy of other class members, in and out of class, allowing time for everyone to speak, and refraining from using pointed sarcasm.

AMSM does not impose any attendance mandates. If a student misses Session VII, for example, they may still attend Session VIII. Students can repeat the course as many times as they like. Since many people do this, the material is presented with slight differences in each new course, to make it interesting for those who repeat sessions. 

Human Resource and Employee Assistance Professionals

As professionals in the field we know how destructive anger and stress can be to the workforce. Executives, managers, and line supervisors ask themselves every time they must answer to a harassment and/or hostile work environment claim – what could I have done differently? Anger Management Services of Marin provides anger management training custom tailored to your company or department’s needs.

Executive Coaching for Corporate Executives

There has been a significant increase in the number of professionals and high-level executives referred to our Anger Management/Executive Coaching programs. Our Executive Coaching program is designed to improve stress and anger management, communication, empathy, and emotional intelligence.  Initially, a confidential assessment is utilized to determine your current level of functioning. Based on the results of the assessment, our Executive Coaching clients are provided with an individualized plan of action that includes exercises and behavior logging tools to facilitate the learning process.

Executive Coaching for Physicians

The program for physicians addresses the need for a one-on-one individual and sensitive intervention model for health care professionals. Anger Management Services of Marin is now offering an intensive ten hour coaching class for doctors. Everyone receives an initial assessment that evaluates the participant's current level of functioning in the areas of managing stress, anger, communication and emotional intelligence. Clients work through didactic information and structured exercises. These activities are focused on enhancing emotional intelligence, improving assertive communication, including behavioral strategies for recognizing and managing anger and stress. Additionally, clients are administered a post-test at program termination designed to assess the degree of change as facilitated by the course.