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Anger Management Services of Marin (AMSM) holds class sessions every week on Thursday nights. Each session is ninety minutes long and starts at 6:00 PM, ending at 7:30. There are twenty-four different sessions, which repeat again every six months. Participants may attend more or fewer sessions if preferred or required. New students can join the AMSM class on any week, without waiting for the beginning of the next twenty-four week course.

The sessions are held in a friendly and comfortable environment, with from three to ten students in attendance. Each weekly class session is usually a complete component. The class instructor reviews material from previous weeks in each session, so that new students can have a basic understanding of the information as it is being discussed.

For court mandated attendance, the number of sessions required varies per individual. Some people may be court mandated to attend as many as fifty-two sessions. If you are simply mandated to “attend an anger management class”, then attendance for a total of eight sessions is all that AMSM requires for completion of our court mandate report.

To register for class on the phone at any time, call Earl Boisclair at 707-479-9517. Students will need to buy the $20 workbook from him in class. The cost for each ninety-minute class session is $62.00. This may be paid all at once or at each class as you arrive. You may pay with a check, cash or credit card.

AMSM class sessions are held at 710 C Street, Suite 7A in San Rafael. The AMSM office and parking should be entered from B Street (see map below).

During the months of April through September the Downtown Farmer’s Market is being held on Thursday nights. When you come to class, please allow time for the extra traffic and scarcity of parking.